Monday, February 6, 2017

"cambodiadaily" declare : Cambodian Startup Launches Facebook Search Engine Web App

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The web app hosted on mines Facebook's business profiles and presents data related to specified keywords. Keo Kounila, a public policy expert who also runs her own digital marketing business, said the "innovative" tool would benefit the digital marketing field in Cambodia. A tech startup has taken advantage of the rise of Cambodia's e-commerce industry and launched a new search engine for business information posted on Facebook. But Chris McCarthy, CEO of marketing research firm Mango Tango, said that while useful, it might struggle to compete without more local customizations. "It is useful for businesses to know more about their competitors' campaigns, as well as students to do research work related to business," he said.
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as declared in Facebook's artificial intelligence (AI) team has built a visual search system that can recognize content that appears in photos and return relevant search results. ADVERTISEMENTFacebook's image search system can detect and segment objects, scenes, animals, places, and clothes that appear in images or videos – and understand them. Called Lumos, Facebook originally created the platform so that its visually impaired users could understand the content of photos. But Facebook recognized that everyone could benefit from this type of visual search system. "We've built a search system that leverages image understanding to sort through this vast amount of information and surface the most relevant photos quickly and easily," according to a Facebook blog post published today.

Facebook Search Now Recognizes Objects in Photos
as declared in

The Facebook Search For Deeper, Longer Meaning 01

There's a time and a place for longer video, and pretty much, so far, that place has been called Netflix. More surprising (to me, the easily surprised one), was that 30% of that viewing was for video that was 20 minutes or longer. It doesn't seem much of a stretch to suppose that Facebook is branching out to become a content supplier and an almost-traditional ad carrier. If you recall, Facebook also announced recently that it will be experimenting with a type of mid-roll ad that would play 20 seconds into a video. Online video from the beginning has been short and sweet and usually cheap and, however you want to put this, not deep.

The Facebook Search For Deeper, Longer Meaning 01

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